Write For Vannie Kaap

Image: PF Today
Image: PF Today

Vannie Kaap has literally been growing at viral pace in it’s online service offering; with the founder having personally written most of the articles, he had to take 6 months off to focus on the expansion of VK Retail. (Otherwise the arme bra would have given himself a stroke)
So we’re now expanding the writing team for our media site relaunch.

We’re looking for content contributors to share their opinions and news stories that impact the lives of our rapidly growing readership. From news, entertainment, politics, humour, sport, local celeb features, reviews, opinion pieces, travel and more. Contributors should -in all transparency- reflect the unique interests and attitudes of our audience.

So if you’re a freelance writer, journalist, graduate or blogger looking for a platform to showcase your articles, then stiek uit and getuig saam masekind. If your writing is engaging, professional and gevaarlik; and we decide to publish your work, then you will be paid for your article.

We’re also looking for journalism interns that are looking for opportunities to build up their writing experience. The experience and exposure you will gain in the process is part of Vannie Kaap’s passion at promoting and supporting local talent.

To contribute to VK MEDIA by becoming part of the Vannie Kaap freelance writing team, please send us a short bio and an example of your writing to editor@vanniekaap.com. If we’re happy, you will be added to the VK writers’ database, upon which you can immediately start sending in articles. If you have any questions please email us your questions before sending your bio.