Walking with the President

Image Credit: Carla Bernardo (VK fan)

The one thing that many have come to know about our new President, is that he is not a lui-broek. President Cyril Ramaphosa has just after a few weeks in his new role, already demonstrated that his physical -and not just his political- health, is of importance to him. Many South Africans have already been posting selfies of their encounters with the walking President.

In his bid to continue promoting a healthy lifestyle, the President is presenting another opportunity for Capetonians to join him on one of his morning walks. Tomorrow morning -starting at 5am- he will be walking from Lookout Hill in Khayelitsha to the Rocklands Civic Centre in Mitchell’s Plain.

The Cape Flats has on a few occasions seen politicians driving through their community; however, President Ramaphosa is ditching the Presidential motorcade for a more inspiring and healthier form of transport.

My Kaaps Glossary:
lui-broek = Lazy/Couch Potato

Image Credit: twitter.com/cyrilramaphosa

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