Our taanies and their tupperware

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A mother’s love is so warm and tender. She gives you all the love and care you need…until you lose her Tupperware. Then it’s goodbye!

I really thought my mother loved me, but then she started noticing some Tupperware was missing. Then it hit me -like she hit me because of this lost bowl- that she loves these plastic containers more than her own precious daughter! So now, it’s either I find the bowl -which is never going to happen- or I find a new home.

Now as a child in a coloured household, I have always known about the great “Tupperware”. They come in very small blikkies and those extra-large bowls where you put the dough in, when you make vet koek or koesisters. These bowls also brought out the true colours in most women in my family. I once heard my mother telling my dad “Sy kannie eens my Tupperware terug gee nie, hoe kan sy onthou om jou USB te bring?” there is something majorly wrong with that sentence!

Family gatherings are never complete if an aunty hasn’t pointed out another aunt that hasn’t yet returned her purple lunch box from the last gathering where she put the leftover braai meat in. This also results in the host just putting everyone’s leftovers in foil, due to the little faith she has in her Tupperware returning to her cupboards. It gets worse over Christmas when your mother has just used that bonus to buy new Tupperware and it catches the eye of the busy auntie that always notices everything.

Let’s not forget that awkward moment where all the aunties are doing the dishes and the one packing says “hai Charmaine! Die lyk net soos my Tupperware wat ek vir jou geleen het!” talk about lekker awkward.

Nothing can bring a family together or tear it apart like Tupperware does. And why? All we do is stock up these things, have too much of it to the point where we can’t find the lid of the blue bowl but there’s a purple lid and no purple bowl, use it and then lose it. And once we lose it, we also lose our place in our mother’s hearts. They become so cold towards us. I told my mother I can’t find my textbook and she replied “just like you can’t find my Tupperware?!” Really now mommy?

In the end we all love to hate Tupperware, but between you and me, I’d rather just wrap my lunch in cling wrap plastic until I find that Tupperware that I said I didn’t lose, but let’s be real – I definitely lost it.

So, if you don’t receive another article from me, it means that my mom found out that I cannot find the Tupperware and the worst has happened.

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