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I’m seriously so fed up with people wanting to know why I am single, or when I plan on getting a man.
Firstly, I can’t just go out and get a man like I’m shopping for a new pair of jeans or All Stars. Most men these days are not as reliable as the trusted brands we know and love.

And secondly, maybe I’m in the closet; no, not the closet you are thinking about. This closet is filled with the worst of scenarios that have played themselves out in my life so I stay there to remind myself of the reality of dating.

At this point there is also a strong possibility that, after all these years and all the (BS) crap, that I have developed a phobia for the opposite sex. I swear to you, I’m at that point where, should someone flirt with me; I would not know what to say or how to react. I might just break out in nervous hives.

Also, when did it become the norm to ask a person when they are planning on acquiring a significant other? Really? Is that the level of compassion or lack thereof you want to show to the world? Is that the irritation you want to be known for? I think people need to re-learn what boundaries are and make a concerted effort to only focus on what they are lacking or in need of. Quite frankly, my haves and have-nots is none of your business, even if you don’t know how to conduct an intellectually fuelled conversation.

I don’t know why the young people have taken on the ways of the old people in making other people’s business theirs, and this after 90% of them vowed never to be like their parents! But look at you now, outdoing your grandmother, so deep in other people’s lack of a ‘love life’ you forget to love yourself. At least our elders were graceful about asking these types of questions, but these days generations blurt it out by way of starting a conversation.

Do people really think us single people want to divulge our truths to you – in this day, in this society and in this economy? It’s expensive to date, get engaged or get married; don’t get me started on having children.
I know some people ask this question because they are actually worried that you will end up alone with no one to look after you when you can’t walk to the bathroom anymore, but then there are the others. The other people who just want to stoke the gossip fire and add tall tales to the original one-liner. They want to be known as that person who broke that story, when, in fact, there never was a story.

I sincerely do not understand why it is so difficult to fathom or comprehend that people have no problem with being single. I, for one, love not having to share my last few jellybeans with someone else, but for others there are reasons that will shut the mouths of those looking to do more harm.

Leave us singletons alone, we have our money and cigarettes, we don’t need anyone, yet.

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