Is julle’ran spoeke?

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Ghosting?……is julle’ran SPOEKE!

I was chatting to this guy. I met him on the Tin, Tinder mos. Don’t pretend that you don’t know, single of te not! It’s ironic that the Tin is synonymous with the word trash because sometimes, most times, that’s what you find on the Tin, trash. I cannot say that everything that initiates from the Tin is kak, because I have made some friends. Also I’m on the Tin and I’m not kak. Some people have found the love of their lives there. So ja.

Okay back to this concept of Ghosting, which to my absolute blerrie dismay, no actually, absolute blerrie disgust, is an actual thing!

I consider myself to be rather interesting. I don’t struggle to make conversation, I engage and easily disengage if -in my opinion- you are talking rubbish. Politely disengage! Plus I’m funny, well at least I think so.

Now Ghosting, I have learnt is when the mense just disappear on you. Without warning! Weg. Soes spoeke! Unlike the definition of Ghosting in the Urban Dictionary, this can happen mid-conversation, soma mid-sentence even. An intense conversation and then boom! Weg! Like Keyser blerrie Soze.

Now because I have dignity and although the fact that I’ve been Ghosted is really annoying the listeriosis out of me, I will not stoop! I will not call you out on it! Because well, you’re a vark! You’re not a nice person and common decency is mos clearly not a thing for you?!

So at first I thought the abrupt break in communication could be due to a host of reasons, right?

  • Flat battery
  • Data issues (We all know that struggle)
  • No network
  • Paralysis in the fingers
  • Narcolepsy
  • Sudden death

In my pursuit of enlightenment, I started asking around. I wondered if this was something unique to me. However I learnt that every sudden disappearance from a conversation had one common denominator, no warning! There were no signs that it was nearing the end.

Now I wonder. What has given rise to this phenomena? How is it possible that these boys behave this way and think that it’s okay. Boys not men, because men do not behave in this manner. Men know that this is not polite. Do they, they do right?!

I get that not every conversation is going to go the way you want it to. I get that sometimes you are just not interested in engaging with someone. But YOR my bru, just WYS!

If this were a real-life scenario and not one that was happening online, what would you have done…made a run for it? Just walked away without saying a word? Assumed the foetal position upon which I would have to guess you were signalling the end of the encounter and leave?

Are you djas? I am too old for this kak!

Ek kannie. I can’t. Actually ek willie! Julle maak my mal. Being divorced at 30-something is vrek difficult bra. You are literally diminishing my belief in the opposite sex and I am actually an optimist! Ma’ julle maak it swa’ man.

I have now decided that if a man is capable of GHOSTING you, my girl, this bra is not worth a second thought. He thinks zero of you. Unless this ou can produce a legit reason for leaving you on read, you need to realise that he is not a nice person. In fact, he’s not even a person, hy’s net ‘n spoek op tinder.

Kaaps Glossary:

Julle’ran – are you
Spoeke – ghosts
Of te not – or not
Kak – shit
Blerrie – bloody
Mense – people
Weg soes spoeke – gone like ghosts
Vark – pig
Yor my bru just wys – gosh man just tell me
Ek willie – I won’t
Julle makit swa – you make it difficult
Ou – guy

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