ConCourt legalizes the private use of weed

Credit: Pixabay

Cape Town – This morning the Constitutional Court announced the decriminalisation of the use, possession and cultivation of weed for private use.

In the Western Cape High Court last year lawyer Gareth Prince – who is also a practising Rastafarian – presented an application for the decriminalisation of weed, stating that the legislation in place did not align with the constitution on the basis of equality and freedom of religion. Justice Dennis Davis responded by stating that the restriction of private use violated the right to privacy.

Jules Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke or more commonly known as the dagga couple said that they want the ConCourt’s decision to be clear and hoped that the selling and transporting of weed would also be legal. Their lawyer Paul-Michael Keichel said that through the decriminalisation, they hope to break stigmas and end the unnecessary imprisonment of people who use weed.

Following Deputy chief Justice Raymond Zondo’s decision, Parliament will take up to two years to adapt the laws to reflect the necessary changes. Zondo has announced that people will be able to smoke in private while changes to the Drug Trafficking and Medicine Control Acts are made.

Zondo emphasized that the dealing and use of weed by minors remains illegal.

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