Coloureds are Lazy

Retail giant Pick n Pay is in trouble again, after a human resources officer was accused of calling coloured people lazy.

Shareef Carlse was visiting Pick n Pay’s Tyger Valley branch in April, when he was asked by the manager to wait in an office; while the availability of an item was being checked. Carlse who is a former police detective, said that soon after entering the office, someone else came in and said, “coloureds just don’t want to work, they are such a lazy lot”.

After this -out of the blue- remark, Carlse confronted the man, who was shocked to hear that Carlse was not a member of staff. 48 year old Carlse left in disgust and sent a letter of complaint to Pick n Pay’s head office, of which a copy was forwarded to the Cape Times.

To date, Carlse has not heard back from the chain store’s human resources head office.

When asked to comment, Pick n Pay denied that such a racist remark was made.

image: andrew sabatier

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  1. Yor!!! What the heck is wrong with the racist mentality of pnp staff member since most of their staff is coloured if its not that they embarass and traumatise a old coloured lady then they pass such shitty remarks are they trained 2 be such #@#++*

  2. Shareef Carlse must lay a complaint at Commission of Human Rights for a investigation into the alleged allegation and if found guilty PnP must deploy/transfer that white face racist to a PnP in a coloured area.

    • Rudy Adams, who says the comment was made by a white person? Me thinks your racist second face is showing.

    • The report said nothing about a ‘white person’, how can Rudy Adams just assume it is a white person?

  3. Its not about racist it’s about how the management how they train they people an how to address a customer weather he or she is white;black or colourd they must be tread the same wee as people will always address other people an say they are racist coz we are not it’s how u react on a situation that why we live in a world like this


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