British Athlete Says Running Against Caster Semenya Is Unfair

Image Credit: OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)
Image Credit: OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

After her triumphant performance to win gold in Rio and be crowned the WOMEN’S Olympic 800m champion, the backlash against Caster Semenya has already begun. A sobbing Lynsey Sharp was reported saying, that overturning the rules on testosterone suppression made competing against Semenya difficult.

After finishing sixth -running a personal best of 1 min 57,69 sec- in Saturday night’s Final in Rio, the British runner tearfully voiced her objections to the BBC afterwards. In her interview Sharp said: “I have tried to avoid this issue all year. You can see how emotional it all was. It is out of our control and how much we rely on people at the top sorting it out. The public can see how difficult it is with the change of rule but all we can do is give our best.”

Sharp also made it clear that her feelings are shared by two of her fellow athletes -one Polish and the other Canadian, who all missed out on medals. The trio hugged after the race, in what Sharp hinted was a show of unity. Sharp added: “I was coming down the home straight, we were not far away and you can see how close it is….I feel a bit disappointed.”

Vannie Kaap Admin: In reporting this information to you guys I found myself laughing klip hard at this woman; en ja nee, die Here moet maar vir my vergewe. This is what I have to say to Ms Lynsey Sharp:

1. Meisie kind, but you came sixth! It’s another story if you came second or third, but you came sixth! You were two places and exactly two seconds away from being last.

2. You ran against only one hyperandrogenic runner, and still you were behind 4 non-hyperandrogenic runners; so why couldn’t you beat the 4 athletes who finished behind Caster? What’s your excuse there; they had better tekkies than you?

3. You ran your personal best and still came sixth. Do you understand what that means? It means you ran your best possible time, and your best possible time was not even good enough to finish second, third, fourth or fifth. I actually know a few tik koppe that can run faster than that.

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  1. firstly you came sixth you have no leg to stand on, excuse the pun. Secondly the previous record holder looked more manly than Caster Semenya, but because she is white it wasnt a problem. the minute a black women looks or has manly attributes it’s a problem, it’s like her “monkey” genes make it unfair because she is a super human women with animalistic super powers hahahaha. GTOH with sore loser attitude, trying to console your pathetic attempt for bronze.

    • Litha, I’m sorry but you & your post lost credibility the moment you brought race into this. Let’s focus on the facts please.

    • I think this woman is either on tik or some substance if thats her personal best why did she not came second or third if that is so unfair. She is a sore loser.Just leave Semenya alone this woman has had enough she won the gold.

      • Agree! She only came 6th with her best time! Bad loser! Leave Caster alone – great athlete! If you are the best, you win. People with short legs do not win the high jump or the long jump, people who not resemble Usain or some of the Kenyan runners or Phelps do not win their events, short people do not score in basket ball, although they may score in gymnastics. This girl is really a bad loser. Choose another event…

    • I think this woman is either on tik or some substance if that’s her personal best why did she not came second or third if that is so unfair. She is a sore loser.Just leave Semenya alone this woman has had enough she won the gold.

    • I don’t think the Colour of Caster made any difference. Don’t cloud the issue. The pommie just was not good enough. Cry baby.

      • Pommie cant stand to see a South African woman Winning she must try her luck again for bronze or even 5th place in Tokyo 2020

    • I totaly agree with this artical she came 6th so her coments are a joke but Llze don’t make it about race! Why always with the race card?

    • Litha, your comment became even more pathetic than the British athlete’s one, when you brought in the race issue.

    • Leave the black thing man dis holrug gery. Caster win because she was the best or Litha because she was black what’s your opinion

    • Please take your colour issues somewhere else, you have more white people having Casta’s back…. Why, because South Africans stand together…. get with the program. We dont even see Casta as black, we see her as a women that made us extremely proud.

    • Why change this into a racial thing?? I agree that Casta deserved to win hands down and the other athlete is sour grapes, but please stop with the racial nonsence – SA stands together…..then it should be without mentioning discrimination of any kind.

    • Litha, It’s because of people like you that SA is where it is, white, black, purple, yellow or green, What does it matter? I support Casta, doesn’t matter if she is black… She is South-African and I am proud of her for that even if I am white. Your racial comments has no place in South Africa and you my dear woman, are an asshole…

    • Why is this about race? This isn’t about being black or white. It must be hard for you to take on this burden of thinking that everyone is talking about monkey genes Etc etc and why judge people you don’t even know???

    • When oh when will the race card be thrown out? The “monkey” comment is just offensive. Why is it that only white people can be racist? You are showing that you are racist with this comment

  2. Sad loser . Shame on you . Castor is more of a women than you are . Take your loss gracefully . 99 % of the field beat you lol

  3. This female is blindsided by her own stupidity! A typical sore loser, in my book. 6th place, come on woman!

  4. These people do not need anyone to help them. They make a-holes of themselves all by themself. Go Caster, you are spectacular. We count, not them.

  5. Dear child you came sixth deal with it dont blame others that you did not run fast enough be glad you did not ended last…

    • True….putting blame on Semenya is so old……she is a mucb bettere woman than you. ..just poll your sorrow self up and train to be the best next time….shuuuuuu…….

  6. Lmao I love the comment about the change of shoes and tin koppe!! She’s just naar she didn’t get a medal!

  7. You could not have stated it any better lol ,even if she ran barefoot like Zola Budd Caster is proud to be a South African and win gold for us, so we support her 100%..

  8. Please get over it. Caster is amazing considering what she has had to put up with because of pathetic people. Why don’t all the men running against Bolt break down and cry. If you are a sports person surely you could admire a lady like Caster who has achieved so much against all odds.

    • This comment deserves a gold medal. loving the part of men running against Bolt not one of them complained, what about the guys that ran against Van Niekerk they did not complain. My tutor once said, losers will always have a lot to say to back up how poor they performed.

  9. Agree totally with Vinnie Kaap Admington. Pure sour grapes. British, Canadian and Polish athletes you were downright rude to Caster. Congratulations were in order and for the 3 of you to hug was bad sportsmanship.

  10. Oh, I so agree with you, complaining from the back of the pack is a joke and just sour grapes, no complaints about the silver or bronze medalist having the “wrong ” chemical make up? There are many men with far more testosterone than Caster who wouldn’t even come close to running as fast as she does. I believe running against Usain Bolt is unfair too, no one can even come close to him, but I don’t hear any of the male runners complaining they just work harder and use Usain’ s momentum to better their times.

  11. O HELL no! Die girl moet gaan slaap!! Guuurrrlll you came last. Please don’t blame it on one of our best South African athletes because you are like the pace of a skilpad!!! Get better Sponsors en kry vir jou beter tekkies!!

  12. To all the haters and espescially the limey winer,Get a life.what would the silly cow have said if she had lost to Jarmilla?? Semenya has been cleared by the highest sporting authorities, that is why she is able to compete. We have already been down this road before, so grow a pair or run faster.

  13. EPIC post!!!!! Lagging so hard. 😂 But seriously, using Caster’s moment as a platform to voice her objections, really makes my blood boil & I find it poor sportsmanship on Ms Sharp’s part.

  14. @LITHA MBOTSHELWA where do come with the ‘race’ issue ???? It is not the issue ???? Coming sixth is the ‘issue’…. #GoCaster

  15. Just to be clear: Linday is hinting that the other African runners in the race are believed to be “hyperandrogenic”.

  16. Personally if she did not practice as hard as Semenya she should not see it as an unfair win.. She ended in 6th place and wants to say it is unfair but yet there were more athletes that did better than her.. She should just try harder next time as you do in sportsmanship

  17. Cant believe these girls can be so bitchy. Maybe they should of trained as hard as she did to win. Semeny deserved to win that race like she did. Go semeny South AFrica is so proud of you.Our country has united she wether you black or white we support.

  18. Sorry for my French but that Sharp bitch is jealous! Even if Caster is a man or woman or has big boobs, small boobs, ass or no ass, bitch u didnt get close to her and she was running slow. Caster kicks out of the group starting around the 200m mark where most of u bitches are out of breathe and have no energy. Dont blame her because she knows how to kick ur ass

  19. That taanie think she kak pancakes! Caster het vir jou gewen en klaar! Mad props to Caster for showing them that you and athlete and not wanting to score brownie points with fans!

  20. Having followed all Caster’s races this year I must say that the problem starts with all the commentators that keep harping on the issue of “hyperandrogenic”. Poor Caster has had the issue raised at every race. The biggest culprits are the British commentators. So easy to judge behind those microphones.

  21. Sharp must voetsek! She is just a jealous loser. She is acting as if she was coming reality she was 6th haha. Typical pom…bag of potatoes on her shoulder.Sharp – don’t mess with us South Africans, girlie.

  22. you seem to miss the point of the objections. Caster Semenya is NOT a woman. but a hermaphrodite with testes internally that produces testosterone. giving him/her a very distinctive advantage over those who are actually fully biologically female.

  23. Casters time is nowhere NEAR the fastest women ever recorded!! Bloody sore losers!! 6th???? Hahahaaa! What a joke that person is! Lady, train harder!! MXXCCXMM!!!!

  24. Caster and wife Violet – Married in 2015 – Caster is a man who love women. With Caster sperm they can have children. But I wonder what he use to make love or does he have something. Just thinking

  25. Actually 3 of the top 5 women who finished the race have the condition, so the British woman is absolutely right. Running with testes, and elevated testosterone, gives you a massive unfair advantage against a woman who doesn’t have hyperandgrogenism. It means you are stronger and have far more muscle mass, especially in your legs, making you run faster for longer. So ya’ll Saffas rushing to defend your “girl” need to wake up and smell the coffee. If she was a woman found with those levels of testosterone without the condition she’d be banned for life – why? Because it’s an unfair advantage, sport is supposed to be equal, and when she’s running, it isn’t. Sorry folks – I hate letting facts get in the way of a good witch hunt, but there you go. Read up before spouting your opinions on a web page. She’s not cheating, but she shouldn’t run in the Olympics either. Unless she runs against only athletes with hyperandgrogenism.

    • Actually, you wrote bullshit! You check your facts first! Cleared by the court, guilty by your opinion. …. how enlightened…..

    • Actually, there is no proof that testosterone can give female athletes more of an advantage. That’s why the Olympic Board ruled in her favour to stop taking the suppression tablets. So please check your facts before commenting…

  26. Well done to caster ,she trained and prepared just as hard as the others have…some are just born athletes its in their genes!! Its sad to think how people are so bitter about others victory …Media is so insensitive about how others feel…do they ever think of how Caster feels with all these posts and comments made? We live in a sad society!

  27. Really, you are not only a bad loser but not even good enough to do second. give credit where credit is due. and according to records, go and have a good look at all the the 100, 200, 400, 800m runners. there is a few more that really, Caster looks like an angel between thorns. You go Caster, we are so very proud of you. You are a true champion.

  28. race is also an issue here, why r u bn so ignorant, y do u become so defensive the minute race is brought up as if u r bn blamed for the act?.
    The previous record holder looked like Hulk n there was never an issue with her why was it an issue with Caster? . Yes this Sharp lassie is just bn a sore loser but the root of it all begins with race.

  29. Caster Semenye – proudly South African! You make us proud! We are behind you 100%. Millions of people love you so don’t worry about this woman who is a bad loser.

  30. I feel so sorry for Caster. She has been through so much and all she wants to do is run. Just let her run. She was beaten before, so it’s not impossible. This time she was just better!! Face it, deal with it, get over it!!

  31. People with such poor sportsmanship should not be able to compete at this level – where are your sports coaches and psychologists – they should have kept you home ! Disgusting !!!!!

  32. Today I am a proud South African living in London, and it is all because of you Golden girl Caster! May the best win and no doubt that you are the best! Celebrate that with you head held high like the true star you are. It was one awesome race. I had chills watching the final! Well done, Golden Lady!

  33. FACT: A SORE LOSER WILL COME UP WITH ANY CR#P TO MAKE THEMSELVES FEEL BETTER! Casta, you are a women, a women with great strength because of the amount she trains, a women others will be jealous of because you are simply the best, why, because you worked your butt off to be the best. Jealous bit8c#es, go be green, because Casta has a whole country that does not give a flying S*#t what you think. LOL, sixth place loser thinks Casta is her issue….

  34. Did anyone notice how “manly” the 2nd & 3rd place runners looked?? Just saying… jealousy makes you nasty…

  35. Since 1983 Jarmila Kratochvilova of Czechoslovakia has held the world record in this race, that is more than 30 years, if one looks at her pictures you would notice that she is also very masculine, why has no one complained about her since no female has come close to those times since then.
    Again, on the other side of the coin, if my very feminine daughter lost against her after training for many years and almost at the peak of her performance, I suppose that I, as a parent would support my child’s disappointment if she came second, third, or fourth.

  36. Lmao this is dik funny.i think Casta is amasing the more you people tawk shit about her the faster she gets….so thank you to every1 that is motivating her to go fast.

  37. Let’s just look at pure facts here, okay? Caster is said to have 3 times the testosterone levels than the average female. Whether this actually gives her an advantage over other female athletes, remains a matter of debate. However, just look at the following stats: Caster ran a time of 1:55.28, her personal best and new South African record. In Sydney 2000, Maria Mutola won gold in a time of 1:56.15. Kelly Holmes clocked 1:56.38. In Beijing 2008 Pamela Jelimo of Kenya clocked the unholy time of 1:54.87 and in London 2012 the Russian athlete Mariya Sevinova clocked 1:56.19. Also in the London race Francine Nyonsaba, Pamela Jelimo and Caster Semenya also ran [she got silver]. Based on these ties at the past Olympics, I personally don’t believe that she had any advantage over other athletes, DESPITE what so-called “experts” say that the barrier of 1:56.00 has not been broken for eight years. Did not Wayde van Nieker break a barrier that stood for 17 years and one they said was IMPOSSIBLE to break?
    Please give Caster a break, for heaven’s sake!

  38. This girl is as insane as hell. 😨😨😨She embarrassed herself and should have shut up and went home! Go back to school so you can learn how to count. You are in the 6th place !!! Never ever were you going to stand on that podium. You were useless and if this is your best, it’s pathetic for any glory! 6th. It means there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 people ahead of you and you are behind them. Yet you feel “cheated” by the winner! What a dumb idiot ! I don’t think she finished school this one! Too many loose screws in her calculations!

  39. Nope Litha you’re right. Everyone is on your case but you’re not the one who brought race into it, the sore losers did. After Lynsey not so Sharp’s tearful interview, one of the other racers she was “united in loserdom” with tweeted about how “at least she was the first white European”. She got slammed for those tweets. Then because all of the podium takers were from Africa and a certain hue there were grumbles about that, slyly suggesting they weren’t real women. This comes in the context of the whole Olympic games where Italian gymnasts were commenting that they should paint their skins black to win. And in the longer tradition of sour grapes in sport when black women dominate and are muscular: Serena Williams, black gymnasts and figure skaters being penalised for being “powerful” instead of “graceful” or dainty, especially like Eastern European champions that used to dominate.

    All that is to say, yes everyone else noticed the racial element. It was discussed at length in the international media and blog coverage. All these people here with a visceral reaction cos you just echoed that point and would rather go “lalala race doesn’t exist” can stay burying their heads but doesn’t make you less right. Also #staymad cos black women are coming for everything baba!

    • I freaking love your comment!!! People nowadays are sooo scared to talk about race. The fact that we aren’t allowed to talk about colour in this country is the problem!!!!! FUGG THAT SHIT MAHN!! My colour is who I am

      Ya I’m swearing. It’s good to swear sometimes and also wine is good haha. #Newdiscovery #notsuipingimnotanidiot

  40. Caster has a V……..and she was competing with athletes with V’s……dats is hw we need to look at it.other factors will just cause too much confusions!
    It would be unfair if she was using perfomance enhancement products….So let’s celebrate sport and aknwoledge that sport/athletics/competition is a giant sieve dat separate winners from the losers.
    Stop Winning and accept the results….

  41. But some of these people’s retoric Jews should also just get over beign massacred in the holocast. Similarly should Americans just forget about terrorists
    I enjoyed this article and its pertinant. Very very pertinant.
    No matter how you want to skin it!

  42. If that hug was only showing a unity thing where was the other black athletes,is the white athletes the only ones that shows unity or are they the only ones that felt the race was unfair?

  43. My meester. Is die Sharp meisie reg in haar kop. How die fok kan jy 6de wil kom en nog chunk omdat Cater wen. Shame one kind dis mis vir jou jy better tog net deal met die saak coz Onse held het green. Hulle staan nie n kans nie. Try harder meisie. Jy practically laaste Dan will jy snot en trane ko huil vir kak. Sore looser. How the flip did you qualify anyway ? *Side Question* lmao

  44. The Russian that holds the world record will give Mr Universe a go for his money and compared to Russian Casta looks Lady Like and who said anything against her. Don’t be a soar loser there is nothing worse in sport.

  45. The ‘man-like’ athlete who has held the record since the 1980s is the Czech runner Jarmila Kratochvilova. Far from nobody saying anything against her, she was the subject of huge international controversy during her career and ever since. Many thought her performances were impossible without performance-enhancing drugs, and many are still convinced she cheated. .


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