Author’s alleged suicide raises suspicion

Credit: @NBPublishers Twitter

Cape Town – Co-author of The Lost Boys of Bird Island Mark Minnie was found dead in Port Elizabeth on Monday just one week after publishing a book exposing the activity of Paedophilia ring from the apartheid regime.

The book exposes the activity of the alleged late National Party defense minister Magnus Malan, late businessman Dave Allen, and NP environmental affairs minister John Wiley. It details how these men would arrange for mostly coloured boys to be transported to Bird Island near Port Elizabeth. The minors were under the impression that they were meant to be fishing. However, when they were on Bird Island, they were subject to abuse and rape by these three men. They were also forced to perform sexual acts for other wealthy older white men.

Based on information gathered by police officials, the 58-year-old’s body was found near a bush in Theescombe at his friend’s farmhouse. Minnie reportedly visited his friend to take a short break. It is reported that the owner of the farm went about his daily tasks and when a gunshot sound was reported to him, he did not think much of it. When Minnie did not return, the owner set out to look for Minnie and found his body at approximately 20:50.

At the crime scene, it is reported that a suicide note and a pistol not belonging to Minnie was found. Detectives could not gain access to the property early Tuesday morning. They then went to the back of the property where a forensic team continued their investigations. No foul play has been indicated yet.

Tafelberg Publishers report that their last communication with Minnie was on Sunday evening. Furthermore, they said that Minnie did not show any signs or allude to wanting to end his life. Minnie was set to attend a literary festival in Cape Town to discuss the book.

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