ANC Women’s League suggests rapists be castrated

Credit: The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa Flickr

Cape Town – The ANC Women’s League announced yesterday that it would like for Parliament to adopt laws whereby convicted rapists can be chemically castrated. The league believes that it will help deal with the rape crisis in South Africa.

Secretary general of the ANCWL Meokgo Matuba would like the public to discuss implementing castration and help get the government on board to enforce new laws. Matuba said that South Africa needs to be on par with other countries like Russia, Australia, Germany, where rapists are given drugs to reduce their libido.

Matuba is aware that there will be people who believe that castration will violate human rights and is not the way to solve the crisis. These views will be respected by the league, but Matuba feels that the rights of the convicted should not be placed higher than the rights of the victims. The league feels that harsher sentences and the increased awareness have not done enough to reduce rape cases, that they believe castration can.

Legal experts have said that section 36 of the constitution allows for limitation of rights to those who have been convicted but feel that castration will be difficult to implement when other forms of physical punishment are prohibited.

Other concerns raised was that the chemical castration focuses on the hormones of rapists, rather than the attitudes and norms upheld in society. Legal experts believe that the criminal justice system should be improved so that more rapists can be convicted.

Matuba announced that they will be meeting with the ANC, civil services organisations and affiliate partners to discuss their suggestion.

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